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A Ball Kicking Party for Me and My Friends

Standard DVD Quality: (This is NOT in HD). A Brat Princess classic! This video will only be out on clips4sale for a short time, so buy it now!. There will not be any Part 1 or smaller versions. Just FYI. This is simply one of the cruelest Brat Princess Parties ever filmed. The main theme is ball kicking, kneeing, punching, and slapping all to celebrate a girls 18th birthday party. The girls are really enjoying themselves in this video. It is quite long and priced as a bargain to allow all Brat fans to enjoy the whole thing in one download. The girls go through two ball kicking slaves and humiliate them both. There is a scene in which they cruelly tease the starving ball kicking slave with cake. Taunting it, only to eat the cake in front of him while he begs. The slave will sleep that night knowing he will only eat the cake when the girls visit him the next morning in the bathroom. There is some great leash training as well. The Brat girls have a great time enjoying themselves at the expense of two ball kicking slaves. There is kicking and punching and of course some spirited penalty kicks. When the slave falls down in the middle of a set of 18 kicks, both girls look at each other and squeal, “Penalty kicks!”, at the same time. You can really see the joy they have knowing they drove a ball kicking slave to its knees and now get to celebrate with a full force penalty kick that doesn’t even count for the 18 kicks that the slave deserves to get. Clip contains: 4 Brat Girls, ball kicking, ball punching, ball kneeing, penalty kicks, spitting, heel sucking, leash training, brat girl showing off to her girl friends naked slave on leash, taunting starving slave with food, and birthday party ball kicking. (36:56 long)

Audra – Liquid Leggings Facesit and Smother to Orgasm.wmv

1080 HD: Audra loves to facesit. When she found out she gets to smother a guy she just smiled and said how much she loves to facesit. The shoot was supposed to be her just sitting and texting but she quickly started rocking and bouncing on its face. Her ass looks amazing in the black liquid leggings. The slave’s face gets really ridden hard in this clip. He ended up with a black eye from the shoot. This is hard face grinding and bouncing from a very sexually greedy Princess. The slave is stuck in a chastity tube and has to endure being used as an object. SMOTHERING, GRINDING, LEGGINGS, ORGASM, CHASTITY. (7:13 long)

Audra and Christina – Tease and kick and tease and punch (Part 1) (1080 HD).wmv

Shot in 1080 HD! Brat Audra and Brat Christina have a new toy. The put the slaves bag into a ball harness. This has the benefit of keeping the bag up and fully exposed for the kicks. The girl use lube to tease the slaves cock and after his penis is hard they then punch or kick its bag. Audra holds the bag up for Christina and she punches with her . Then it is back to jerking and rubbing with the lube. Once the slave is hard they kick! OMG it is so much fun! The slave makes a little too much noise so the girls put a pink dildo in its mouth to muffle the screams. This video is fun! BALL BUSTING, BALL PUNCHING, TEASING AND BUSTING, BRAT GIRLS (7:20 long)

Audra and Christina – Tease and kick and tease and punch (Part 2) (1080 HD).wmv

Shot in 1080 HD! In Part 2 the girls continue with the fun. The girls have some close up squeezing and punching. Audra’s tiny hand can barely get around the swollen bag! But she finds away and squeezes it hard. Next the Brats place it on its back and Audra sit on its chest. The girls start a tug of war! Christina pulls on its balls and Audra pulls on the smaller nub part of its package. The slave’s genitals are being torn apart and the girls are having fun doing it! The girls then take turns slapping hard at the exposed ball bag. The girls go back to jerking and rubbing with the lube and then Christina gives it a big slap. So much fun! The dildo eventually goes back in and the girls go back to pounding its balls with their . The balls are now very swollen. The bigger they get the more fun the girls are having. The girls are fascinated by how big the slave’s balls are getting. BALL BUSTING, BALL PULLING, BALL SQUEEZING, BALL PUNCHING, BALL SLAPPING, BALL TUG OF WAR< and TEASING. (7:41 long)

Audra and Christina – Tease and kick and tease and punch (Part 3) (1080 HD).wmv

Shot in 1080 HD! The beating continues. Christina takes off her shoe and the girls use it as a hammer and a smasher! The girls are having a blast! The slaves talking hole is stuffed with a pink dildo and they just continue to play. They go back to teasing but the slave’s balls are so swollen it is hard for the nub part to get hard. Christina stands up and uses her bare feet to smash the balls. They give up with the teasing and Christina delivers some hard bare foot kicks. Then a flurry of punches stuns the slave as his bag is close to bursting. The girls drag the slave to its feet and Christina finishes it off with some full force kicks with her deadly heels. BALL BUSTING, BALL PULLING, BALL SQUEEZING, BALL PUNCHING, BALL SLAPPING, BALL TUG OF WAR< and TEASING. (9:22 long)

Bella and Christina – Ball Kicking Brutality (No Remorse) (1080 HD).wmv

Shot in full 1080 HD! Princess Bella has more bad news for the ball kicking slave. He was told there were only going to shoot a few ball kicking movies this evening to allow its balls to be iced overnight for the big party shoot the next day. The problem is the girls wanted more! Bella puts on a sexy dress and heels and she tells the slave they are going to kick his balls some more. Christina kicks as hard as she can throughout this clip. Bella basically acts like a spoiled brat. The ball kicking slave fell down in the middle of a set of kicks Bella was doing and Bella just coolly says, “I wasn’t done yet.” She expects the ball kicking slave to stand up with legs fully spread allowing for a fair kick to his balls during her entire set of kicks. He can’t fall down until she is done. BALL BUSTING, BALL PUNCHING, and BRAT GIRLS. (6:22 long)

Bella and Christina – Sissy is Beaten for Breaking a Rule (1080 HD).wmv

Sissy Brenna is caught breaking a rule. The sissy has to be dressed properly to serve the girls at the sorority house. The sissy was told the rules and now she has to raise her dress for a whipping. Christina delivers a powerful whipping while Bella verbally assaults her. Bella is very demanding. She wants to be taken care of properly. The girls inspect her pink chastity tube and laugh at her predicament. The former boy stands naked except a chastity tube while Bella decides more punishment and goes through the house rules for sissy. CLIP CONTAINS: SISSY DOMINATION, HUMILIATION, CB 3000 HUMILIATION, WHIPPING, and VERBAL HUMILIATION. (10:39 long) BONUSE FOOTAGE! This clip contains sneak previews to “Bella and Christina – Ball Kicking Brutality (No Remorse)”, and “Gia – Open your Mouth when I Masturbate Over You”.

Brandi and Sophie – Ballbusting while Facesitting.wmv

The girls are still seated comfortably on the ball kicking slave’s face. Sophie starts talking about how she was in school. The girls are just enjoying girl talk while the poor slave is trying to breathe. Then out of where they start really making out. The poor slave is just ignored as the girls go at it. Brandi slaps at the slave, “Your getting in the way!” The slave is doing nothing but being a seat cushion as the girls start exploring their bodies. Brandi is bouncing on the slaves face and she tells Sophie to knee the slave’s balls as she grinds on the slaves face. The slave is in heaven and hell as Brandi grinds on his face as Sophie knees and punches his exposed testicles. This is a Brat Princess classic video. BALL BUSTING, SMOTHEING, KNEEEING, BALL SLAPPING, GIRL AND GIRL KISSING. (10:02 Long)

Brandi and Sophie – Facesitting while discussing how they like their pussies.wmv

1080 x 1920 HD: In this clip Brandi and Sophie discuss pussy licking while comfortably seated on a slaves face. Sophie describes exactly how she likes her slaves to eat pussy. She is training her slave right now how to eat pussy. The girls take turns putting the slave in deep smother. Brandi really gets a tight seal on the slaves face. Most of the dialog is about how they like their pussies eaten. Brandi really bounces and grinds hard on the slaves face which causes the slave to get hard. SMOTHER and FACESITTING. (9:49 long)

Brandi and Sophie – Smash its balls until its moans and screams makes me cum (720 HD).wmv

“This clip is really hot. The clip starts out with Sophie telling Brandi how she completely bitched out her sugar daddy over the phone. She was screaming at him so loud his coworkers could hear her throwing her tantrum. She even bitched out the sugar daddies secretary to put her through to him. Sophie is a complete Princess and really will let a sugar daddy know when she is not happy. Then she places Brandi right on the slaves face in such a way that its moans and screams make Brandi feel good. Brandi sits full weight with her round ass while Sophie kicks, knees, and punches the slave’s balls. Each kick makes Brandi happy as his moan tickles her clit. Sophie starts making out with Brandi and at the same time punishes the slave’s balls until Brandi is happy. Sophie really wants to please Brandi and is not afraid to beat the slave’s balls as hard as she can. She makes sure the slaves legs are fully spread as she pounds away on the slave’s balls. Then it is Sophie’s turn. Sophie really loves the vibrations from his screams. Brandi brings her leg back and knees the slave’s balls hard and Sophie really grinds down and whimpers. Eventually knees and testicle smashing brings Sophie close to an orgasm. Sophie grinds away and begs Brandi not to stop. Brandi brings her girl friend to a powerful orgasm kneeing the slave’s balls hard. Sophie screams out “Make it hurt!” This is probably the most unique ball busting clip we ever have done and is probably one of the hottest Brat Princess clips ever. Buy this clip. (9:10 long)

Brat Princess – Ball Busting Brat Cheerleaders (1280×720).wmv

720 HD: This is actually 2 small videos and then the one longer video where the cheerleaders come in and destroy its balls. The ball kicking slave is brought out of the basement for freshmen Brat Princess Crystal to get some practice kicks in. Big Sorority Sis Sophie instructs the 18 year old how to destroy its balls with hard kicks. Crystal thinks its fun! Then in part 2 the girls are all dressed up in their club gear and destroy its balls wearing boots. Sophie looks amazing in her skin tight latex dress and freshmen Crystal and Victoria look stunning in their metallic tank dresses. They each practice several hard kicks in boots! OMG!! Then in part 3 the cheerleaders get their turn. Real life college cheerleaders Victoria and Mia make the slave suffer the indignity of being kicked in the balls by a couple of freshmen cheerleaders. The cheerleaders show much attitude in this clip. They get very irritated when it does not stand up fast enough. They also spit right in its face before they kick its balls in. This is a great Brat Princess Ball kicking video! 3 unique scenes with unique outfits. Plus you get 4 Brats! Crystal, Mia, Sophie, and Victoria. Clip contains: Ball busting, latex dresses, metallic dresses, cheerleaders, and spitting. (9:36 long)

Brat Princess – Ballbusted by Ugg Boots over and over (720 HD).wmv

“720 HD: Christina Crystal and Vanessa are on vacation and decide to film a ball busting video to help pay for the trip. Lola is also their along with the rest of Christians shoes and outfits she brought. The slave’s mouth is stuffed with panties to keep the screaming and noise down so we don’t get kicked out of the hotel while kicking its balls in. Christina really cuts lose with some vicious hard kicks. The panties do the trick. You can just hear a muffled screams and moans along with the giggling of the girls. That was perfect so the girls could kick really hard without its screams alerting the authorities. Princess Vanessa is wearing her Ugg boots and just pounds its balls. Over and over you hear the dull thud of Ugg boots against ball bag with muffled screams and moans through the pantie gag. Christina holds the flailing arms tight as the ball kicking slave is kicked over and over. The sound of this video is sickening as Vanessa kicks very hard over and over. Each of her hard kicks hit directly on its balls. The nice thing about ball kicking in Uggs is how comfortable it is for the girls. They can kick very hard without any discomfort. Vanessa does get a little winded from the repeated ball kicks. Lola is also a good girl and Christina allows her slave some play time with the slave. Lola bats and slaps the ball kicking slave’s balls around for good measure. Lola loves beating balls. Crystal is wearing some fierce boots so when she kicks it really hurts as well. (8:46 long)

Clip contains: Ball busting, ball busting with arms held behind back, lesbian slave girl batting balls with , Ugg boots, repeated kicks from Ugg boots, ball busting with mouth stuffed with panties, hotel room ball busting, and brat girls.”

Brat Princess Tag Team kicks!!.wmv

Extreme full force kicks, fantastic improv and sadisitc dialogue, ultra energetic synergy/ teamwork, and ferocious action make this clip the epitome of bratty babes who love ballbusting.

Brat Sorority Princess Abuse Male Slave.wmv

This is definitely one of the best Brat Princess videos. For true Brat Princess fans this is a must. This is priced a little high, because at the end you get email contacts to Princess Bella and Princess Christina. The price needs to be high to try and filter out cheap skates that cant spoil a Brat Princess properly. But what do you get? 22:53 minutes of Christina, Jenna, Jazmine, and Bella. Previously unreleased. You get spandex fetish, face sitting, CB3000 play, mocking and teasing, foot worship, heel licking, School girl outfits, whipping, face slapping, forced dildo sucking and some of the best brat dialog ever. For Jazmine fans, you have to buy this clip. Jazmine is stunning in her spandex outfit and is a complete bitch. She sits full weight on the slaves face in her spandex suit digging her heels into the slaves chest while Christina pokes and mocks the slaves tiny dicklet stuck in a chastity tube. Bella fans have to buy this clip. She is so cute when she volunteers the use of her slave so the girls can pledge to a new sorority. She confidently hops up on the slaves chest in her heels and walks on the slaves chest showing off to her friends how much control she has. This clip will only be out for a little bit so get it while you can. Bella and Christina are interviewing wallet slaves for 2011 in the next few weeks. Get this clip and start emailing them so you can spoil them and maybe someday meet the Brat Princess of your dreams. This clip is a compilation of 3 previously unreleased clips. I doubt it will be ever sold in separate parts. This video explores the fantasy of 1 male slave at the mercy of 4 sorority girls. The girls want in to a sorority where males are kept as slaves. This male will be their ticket. No more carrying their own books, or doing their own homework, or studying without a warm comfy face to sit on. Merry Freaking Christmas from Brat Princess! (22:53 long)

Britiny and Madison – Ball Kicked without reason Part 1 of 2.wmv

1080 HD: This is part 1 of a 2 part video. Part 2 is located at We Love Ballbusting (store # 32245). In this clip we see the casual nature of Ball Busting at Brat Princess studios. The girls were just chatting in between shoots and every now and then they kicked the poor ball kicking slave right in his balls. They just kept on talking. We started filming the action wondering how long they would kick for. This is brutal for the ball kicking slave. The girls just keep talking about boys, shopping, and clothes all the while taking vicious kicks to the balls of the poor slave. The girls really ignore the slave’s plight and just kick over and over and over again. There is no editing just full force hard kicks as the girl’s chit chat away. This is a good clip for guys who think they could be a ball kicking slave for Brat Princess. This is typical busting and is required for all video slaves. This slave knows his balls are mush now anyways so he just keeps getting up as the girls pound away with boots and stilettos. Part 2 really shows the damage the slave has suffered. A very dark clip that shows how little these girls care about the balls of the ball kicking slave. (7:54 long)

Britney and Madison – Ball Kicked without reason Part 2.wmv

Princess madison and Brittany show no sympathy or compassion when it comes to kicking slave testicles. They don’t even acknowledge its presence as they have a nice long chat, ignoring the slave completely as they slam him in his man meat with their boots. This is part 2 of 1 in coordination with Brat Princess. This part is perfect for us because it is the moment at which the ladies up the ante on intesity. Part 1 is perfect for the Brat Princess fan as it contains lots of Great Brat Princess Dialogue! For part 1 of this clip please visit Brat Princess

Chrisitna – Gold Spandex Suit Smother.wmv

A Christina looks amazing in her gold shiny spandex suit in this face sitting classic. Christina wants tickets to go to Florida but the cuck has no money. She sits on his face until he finds the money

Christina – Amazing Ass Worship and Thong Sucking by Chastity Slave (720 HD).wmv

“720 HD: Princess Christina loves to humiliate the old male slave. What can be more humiliating then thong sucking and ass licking? In this clip you really see how Christina likes to relax and enjoy the old fools tongue. The old slave has no choice but to comply since he is locked up tight in chastity. First she has him suck on her thong and then lick her ass. First it licks her ass as Christina’s hot round ass hangs off the edge of a chair. Next he worships her ass with her lying on her stomach. She holds its head firmly in place with her heels. Christina gasps at pleasure as the slave dutifully laps away at her asshole and crack. There is some #2 toilet talk in this as well since the slave had been used this way before the clip was filmed. (10:04 long
Clip contains: Thong sucking, asshole licking, ass worship, toilet talk, and verbal humiliation.”

Christina – Ass Licking and Teasing in Light Blue Tights (1080 HD).wmv

1080 HD: Christina’s ass looks amazing in her sexy blue tights. Christina knows when she is wearing these tights she can get a loser to do anything for her. In this clip, Christina makes the house cuck lick her ass, suck her thong, swallow her spit, and endure chastity teasing. Christina teases the viewer as well by showing off her perfect body in her sexy tights. The cuck even has to suck her sweaty thong! Christina is brutal with the verbal humiliation and spitting throughout this clip. We just finished a ball kicking shoot so her ass was nice and sweaty for the cuck to lick. One of the most humiliating ass worship, spitting, chastity tease, we have ever done. (10:06 long)

Christina – Ass Licking While Facesitting (720 HD).wmv

720 HD: Christina in the middle of Facesitting and grinding a slave slides her shorts down and unexpectedly makes a ass worship clip! Ass addicts will love this clip. Clip contains: Facesitting, smother, and ass worship. This is an amazing ass worship clip that Christina fans will love! (8:17 long)


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