Giantess Katelyn – Garden Of A Giantess

Contains tons of Giantess FX, overwhelmingly huge mouth shots, towering POVs, terrifying sound effects, and salivating city eating city crush action!

Nothing tops savoring the sweet juices of a ripened and freshly picked strawberry on a beautiful summer morning! Who cares if the strawberry has a few thousand microscopic people on it? I mean, they were just asking to be devoured alive by a giant and hungry gardener! As for the city of pests who escaped being swallowed, I don’t want to take my chances with them “colonizing” any more of my garden. I suppose I’ll just have to get my feet a little dirty!

Features mostly vore, with a sexy barefoot city-wide crush at the end!


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10 Responses to “Giantess Katelyn – Garden Of A Giantess”

  1. Could you please reupload it? Filesonic doesn´t exist anymore!

    • i know i’m working on re-uploading all old clips..i have a slow upload speed so it might take a while

  2. Please reupload this first!!!! I die to watch it, please!!!

  3. What is the username and password? It asks me one

  4. When are you going to reupload this?

  5. Dude, when are u going to reupload this one? Thx!

  6. Any other site where we can download this? Because this site is TOOO SLOOOOOWWWWW!!!

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